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Living as a military child can often be challenging. Have you wondered what a military deployment is like from the eyes of these children? Have you thought about what they might be feeling, and do you question how to help them get through it?

In Daddy Left with Mr. Army, author Chandelle Walker offers insight from a child’s perspective to help you understand the emotions your child may be feeling as a separation occurs.

“Daddy Left with Mr. Army”

About the Book

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My Experiences

I met my hubby when he was stationed in the USMC in CA way back in 1998. Now we’re an Army family and will be for at least two more years. So, I’ve been a MilSpouse (slang for Military Spouse) for a long time! My experiences as a MilSpouse have been awesome, difficult, frustrating, emotional, rewarding, challenging, and inspiring.

Yet, I’m proud of the work we’ve done as a family to support my husband in this special career. We have had endured so many long deployments and other separations and difficulties along the path, yet, serving our country in this capacity has been a unique and memorable experience. I’m thankful for the people it has help to mold us into.

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My Community

Being inside the military community has its own special perks and benefits. But we are still like you! We are still a part of everyone else. We just experience things a little bit differently. So, YOU are my community! I want to hear your thoughts about how my books have helped your children or brought special bonding moments together as parent and child.

I want to hear your experiences and suggestions & ideas. You can help influence me for new stories with your insights and feedback. I can’t wait to get to know you & I can’t wait to hear your feedback about my books!

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Join My Journey

Please join me in this new world of book publishing! I have big plans for more books-some directed towards military families and some are just regular children’s book for anyone.

I can’t wait to see what else is waiting to emerge from the creative corners of my mind! Please follow along with me as I go along exciting new path! Let’s go!

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